MQW Summer Workshop Content

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Vicki Maguire

Foundation Level Tutor

My focus will be on students with a predicted GCSE grade 1 to 3. We will work through the key topics of: Number, Algebra, Ratio, Geometry & Measure, Probability & Data.

Students will also have the opportunity to work individually or in pairs on topics which they find particularly difficult. We will look at terminology, setting out, highlighting key facts and the meaning of questions.

My aim is to create a friendly, positive environment and to inspire my students so they approach their Maths lessons
at school with more confidence and therefore achieve greater success.

Mark Harrison

Foundation / Higher Level Tutor

My focus will be on students with a predicted GCSE grade 4 to 6. Over the workshop we will cover the six key areas of the curriculum. Each day will be split into three sessions which will be tailored to the areas the students find challenging. I will be in touch with students prior to the workshop, to determine which topics they would like to focus on.

We will ensure that the basic skills are in place for those critical topics up to and including level 6 questions. We will then build on this foundation to solve more challenging problems. There will be a specific focus on problem solving, which a small class size will enable.

By the end of each session I aim to have built both confidence and specific skills in a relaxed environment. The workshop will provide all students with revision skills that they can apply in the coming school year, as well as revision resources.

Richard Boulderstone

Higher Level Tutor

My focus will be on students with a predicted GCSE grade 7 to 9.  We will look at the practical uses of maths that have real world application. Each day we will explore a different topic in terms of historical significance, relevance in the world today,
underlying GCSE level maths and future directions. Example topics we will explore include: number systems from Babylonian to modern computers, code breaking, navigation and gps, search for extra-terresial life, determination of pi and mathematical modelling.

My intent is to inspire students into exploring these topics in more detail and also providing an answer to the question ‘why do we need maths?’. Students will generally work in small groups to explore and problem solve together as they would in a real world scenario.