Maths Quest Workshop is a new initiative led by experienced maths teachers. We include some teaching/tutoring testimonals as an example of our work in the education field.
Vicki was drafted in to help my 18 year old pass his GCSE maths exam as he had failed it on 3 previous occasions. After the first hour of teaching him she had identified that he required additional time for his exams (which the school had failed to identify). With her help Thomas not only was granted additional time for his exam but also finally passed on this 4th attempt. Vicki’s dedication and knowledge on how to teach to get the best out of our child was wonderful. When our other son failed his GCSE maths in the summer exams we immediately drafted Vicki in to help. He retook his exam in November after having 6 lessons with Vicki and he passed with 2 grades higher than what he got in his summer results! I recommend Vicki highly. She has been a godsend for my boys! Thank you Vicki. Carol

My daughter, who is in Year 8, has had tutor time with Mark for Maths for about a term. He is patient and praises effort and never makes her feel stupid for not knowing something. I have noticed that she is now coming home from school telling me how well she has done in Maths tests and her confidence has grown.
She says, “I have benefitted from my sessions with Mark because I am now more confident with all areas of Maths. I am no longer afraid of algebra questions!” Lisa

I’ve have been helped by Mark for ages now and he has helped me loads. When I started I was terrible but now I’ve got a clearer understanding of the new maths that I am learning and it’s all thanks to Mark. ( I know sounds made up but is not) Luke (year 9)

It is very difficult these days to find any tutor, and good, dedicated tutors are even harder! That’s why I consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found Vicki.
My daughter was apprehensive about going to a tutor, and when we arrived we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes. My daughter instantly relaxed. Simply put: Vicki is a gem. She is incredibly patient, and her warm, gentle nature reassures anyone who is struggling with maths so they can focus on it with her in a relaxed environment. She knows the curriculum inside and out, and her understanding of maths is to be admired. I thoroughly recommend Vicki, and if you want to check that this is a genuine reference you can email me (cheryogi@talktalk.net). Cheryl

My 14 yr old daughter was struggling with the pace of top division maths. It had started to knock her confidence in other subjects and we had noticed her love of school changing. A few weeks working with Mark, once a fortnight, she is back on track and seems to have her enthusiasm back. Thanks Mark. Parent of grammar school student