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Vicki Maguire

Foundation Level Tutor

I am keen to make GCSE Maths more accessible (and less scary!) and will provide clear methods of working. Students can work at their own pace and know they have an understanding teacher at their side.

I have many years’ experience in the classroom, mainly teaching Foundation level, and understand the numerous difficulties that students encounter in this subject. I have taught in a number of schools and across the ability ranges. I want to motivate students to use the excellent online resources to practise topics regularly leading up to the exam as well as coach them on exam techniques.

I have lived in the Deepings for 32 years and have extensive experience of teaching both small classes and of personal tutoring.

01778 342131

Mark Harrison

Foundation / Higher Level Tutor

I retrained to become a Mathematics Teacher after 25 years as a farmer. I passionately believe that success in Maths is built on developing confidence in the subject.  For students to build confidence they must work at their own pace which small class sizes allow.

I have experience in a variety of school types and I am now a full time Maths tutor which has meant I understand the importance of putting pupils at ease. This also means I have experience of teaching pupils of all levels of ability including SEND.

I wish to aid students in developing the key skills for passing exams as well as giving them the self-motivation.


07958 566338

Richard Boulderstone

Higher Level Tutor

I work as a principal engineer/scientist for a Californian company that specialises in media identification to protect copyrighted works. I use advanced mathematical algorithms to match audio, video and textual content against a reference database of millions of items. Our customers are the major internet platforms.

I have been a teacher and teaching assistant with GCSE maths students over the last three years. My focus has been on higher ability students whom I strive to inspire with practical maths applications drawn from 40 years of work experience in information intensive organisations.

01778 561464